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Wing Barn / Glory Be Block

805 N. Van Dyke Rd. (M-53)
Marlette, MI 48453
Block: Glory Be


The barn was originally built in the early 1900's. The barn and home were part
of a family farm operation that extended down Upper Rd. and across Van Dyke.
The barn has hand hewn posts and beams. There is a bull pen area and cow
feeding area as well as two hay lofts that were used in the original family
farming operation.

We chose "Glory Be" for our quilt block to honor all those who have served
our great country. This includes army, navy, air force, marines, police and fire
fighters. Roger's father was in WWII and son was in Iraq and Afghanistan,
another son was in the Navy.

Safety and Respecting Private Property~
All sites are on private property and should be viewed from the public road unless otherwise indicated at the
site that it is a business open to the public. We are indebted to our barn hosts for their generosity.
When viewing and enjoying the barns and blocks use caution when slowing or stopping near a site.