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Terry Sturm Barn / Carpenter's Star Block, Ozark Star Block, Blue Dahlia Block

7172 Pigeon Rd. (M-142)
Pigeon, MI 48755
Blocks: Carpenter's Star, Ozark Star, and Blue Dahlia




The barn was home to a registered herd of brown Swiss milk cows. In the late 1950's Terry Sturm's father, 
Vince Sturm, purchased the farm. The farm has been in the family ever since.

Terry Sturm painted and mounted these three beautiful quilt blocks. The Carpenter Star (top picture) and the
Ozark Star (middle picture) are very detailed and beautiful additions to the Thumb Quilt Trail. In 2018 Terry created
a third block, Blue Dahlia, which is an impressive addition to the barn. Terry also developed a lift-system to aid
in mounting the blocks. The following photos show his ingenious invention.



Safety and Respecting Private Property~
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site that it is a business open to the public. We are indebted to our barn hosts for their generosity.
When viewing and enjoying the barns and blocks use caution when slowing or stopping near a site.