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Mowry Barn / The Farmer's Daughter Block

5748 N. Unionville Rd.
Unionville, MI 48767
Block: The Farmer's Daughter



This 1940's double gambrel style livestock barn, along with the farmland, was purchased by Dan and Eva Herman
from the Joe Gludovatz family in the early 1970's. The ground floor space still has animal pens along with a
cement feed bunker that runs the width of the barn. The hay mow runs the length of the barn and has roughly
1,500 square feet for hay/straw storage.

Dan and Eva, being lifelong cash crop farm operators, had four daughters, one of which currently owns the barn.
This block design is called The Farmer's Daughter and was chosen in honor of both the family's 2019 Centennial 
Farm and generations of quilting

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