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Miller Barn / Gathering of Geese Block

Miller Barn

2380 Grindstone Rd.
Port Austin, MI 48467
Block: Gathering of Geese


The Miller Barn is located 2 3/4 miles east of Port Austin on M-25.

This barn has been in the Strozeski family since 1926 when the family purchased the farm.
It has been used for cattle, horses and storage. It used to have a silo for grain storage but it
was torn down due to deterioration. The person living at this residence was born at
this homestead and bought the farm from her mother, Pauline Strozeski, when she married
John W. Miller. She has lived here for 89 years and has many memories with the barn and

The lower half of the barn is built with colored stones which she believes came from the fields
on the farm

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