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Kohl Farms Agritourism / Seasons Squared Block

3062 Hobart Rd.
Gagetown, MI 48735
Block: Seasons Squared
Block Size: 8'X8'



Our barn is only 3 years old (in 2017). We built it new for our agritourism business. We are
starting new traditions with our barn and hope it continues for many years.

The barn is new, but the inside has re-purposed metal from another family barn in the area.
The flooring inside has an 'old' barn look/feel to it as well.

The quilt block on our barn depicts the business we are running. Fall - pumpkin and corn for our corn maze.
A wreath and Christmas tree for our Christmas season. We are having so much fun with this 
business that the quilt block was just another wonderful addition to it.

Learn more about Kohl farms at their website: or their facebook page: /Kohl Farms.

Safety and Respecting Private Property~
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site that it is a business open to the public. We are indebted to our barn hosts for their generosity.
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