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Dipzinski Barn / Grandma's Block

8400 Caine Rd.
Millington, MI 48746
Block: Grandma's Block


Grandma's Block

You can best see this beautiful block when driving South on Caine Rd. The barn belongs to Donna and Dennis Dipzinski
who have lived there for 50 years. The barn is more than 100 years old and has hosted kids playing, such as,
swinging on the rope from the hay mow and school floats being built in it.

Grandma’s block was chosen for a very special reason. It is a tribute to Elizabeth Zint (Donna’s grandmother).
Elizabeth was a prolific quilter and seamstress. She made all of the family’s clothes on a treadle machine. 
She hand pieced and quilted all of her quilts. This block is a part of a complete set that would have been Elizabeth’s
last quilt. She passed away in 1958 before she could complete it. Elizabeth not only taught Donna to quilt but she
passed on her love of creating beautiful objects out of fabric. 

For many years Donna owned her own quilt shop and traveled Mid-Michigan teaching the art of quilting.

The Dipzinski barn is less than 1 mile from Millington Rd. which will take you into Millington where you
will find 4 large antique shops and a very unique country shoppe

Respecting Private Property~

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site that it is a business open to the public. We are indebted to our barn hosts for their generosity.
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