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Dillon Barn / Flying Fish

4933 Colwood Rd.
Unionville, MI 48767
Block: Flying Fish


Wayne and Sherryl Dillon and Gayle and Thomas Budzynski own this barn. Edward "Patty" Dillon
came from Ireland in 1849 and settled in St. Mary's Canada. In 1879, when the land was swamp and
trees, he purchased 80 acres on the southwest side of Colwood. He built the current barn in 1916.
Barn builders tore down the first small barn and used parts of it to help build the current large T shaped,
 hip roofed barn and also built a barn hill to make the barn two stories. The lower level was used to
house all the animals and create a milking area. The upper level was used to store grain and hay. The
 old barn timbers were all hand hewn and the new timbers were all saw cut. 

The Flying Fish block was chosen for its unique pattern and it incorporates many of our
favorite colors. Green, for the Irish and John Deere tractors. Maize for John Deere and the University
of Michigan. Blue for the University of Michigan. Wayne writes, " I had to get the official John Deere
Green, so I went to the dealer and it was $42 a quart! Good paint though. It had better be for that price!"

Directions: The barn is located just south of Dickerson Road on Colwood Road. It is on the west side of the road.

Safety and Respecting Private Property~
All sites are on private property and should be viewed from the public road unless otherwise indicated at the
site that it is a business open to the public. We are indebted to our barn hosts for their generosity.
When viewing and enjoying the barns and blocks use caution when slowing or stopping near a site.