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Larry and Betty Burns Barn / Evening Star Block

1636 W. Millington Rd.
Fostoria, MI 48435
Block: Evening Star


Larry and Betty Burns bought this farm in 1965 and raised their family here, and have enjoyed the
farm life for over 50 years.

The barn was built in 1939 or 1940. There was a barn on the spot prior to this one and it burned down.
There is a stone in the foundation that reads 1901, so they believe that is when the first barn was built.

The barn has housed many types of animals. The previous owner had milk cows and sold milk. The Burns
family had beef cattle. One of their sons raised pigs for a few years, another son had a horse. Many cats,
dogs, and pigeons found a home here too. The barn has been filled with hay and straw for many years. 

Larry and Betty have four children, three sons and one daughter, and they spent many hours swinging
on the barn ropes and walking the beams.

The barn has been painted three times, the last time was in the spring of 2016. It made Betty nervous
whenever the roof was painted as it is fifty feet high on the back side. The barn is in retirement now,
it is just used for storage, and the family hopes it lasts for many more years.

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